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About Go Live With Purpose

Look at your pointer finger. What do you see? A unique fingerprint with such intricate details that no other fingerprint like yours has ever existed. If something as insignificant as a fingerprint gives you such significance and uniqueness, do you not believe you are here for a purpose? Something bigger than going through the motions in life? We're here to tell you that YOU ARE. 

The Full Story

Nearly five years ago, God put a message on Founding CEO Michael Wall's heart to bring the mission of purpose to the masses. In God's timing, Go Live With Purpose was born with the sole focus of not just motivating individuals to find their purpose but also sharing the truth of individual worth and value. The world is in dire need of a generation of individuals driven by purpose and confident of the truth, and Go Live With Purpose hopes to spark that flame. Like Truett Cathy says, "It is better to build boys than mend men," and we hope to inspire change from the inside out to reduce and stomp out growing issues in society. Pulling from years of experience, insight, and education, GLWP is an organization on the path to becoming a movement.


Through a variety of methods, this educational and motivational organization will empower the masses to become independent and focused in their life towards their God-given mission.


GLWP's flagship resource is Purpose University which is a course designed to walk individuals through reevaluating and analyzing their gifts, skills, abilities, and passions to focus their mind on purpose. With 7 key arenas broken down in the curriculum, Purpose University will help individuals live with purpose and find restoration and fulfillment chasing their destiny. 

We also provide connections between purpose-driven individuals and purpose-driven businesses to bridge the gap and help create a purpose-driven society. GLWP has focuses on veterans, single mothers, high schoolers, college and young adults, and 65+ to specialize its message and bring greater transformation in all stages of life and all experiences. 

GLWP is not just a program, it is a movement for those eager to find fulfillment in their purpose. 

Our Board of Directors

Michael Wall
Founding President & Director

Michael is the President and CEO of Wall Private Wealth, US Private Wealth, and Michael D Wall LLC. He is an active member of the Christ Fellowship Church community and been a firm proponent of kingdom building. He is a man dedicated to giving back and inspiring others to live on purpose.

Nathan Leaman
Treasurer & Director

Nathan is the COO of Wall Private Wealth, US Private Wealth, and Wall Leaman Consulting. He has spent his career helping companies and businesses grow in efficiency, operate with purpose, and grow to new heights of success. He is a strong believer dedicated to the mission of purpose through business and personal development.

Joshua Kellam

Joshua is the President of The Garcia Companies, as well as President for all Florida-based companies, including Garcia Family Farm, Garcia Mining Company and Garcia Development Company. Joshua is also active in the political sphere lobbying for justice and freedom within our state and federal government. 

Our Advisory Council

Brittany Alexander, Esq.
CEO & Partner of Premier Property Law
Pastor Ryan McDermott
Director of Students & Young Adults at Christ Fellowship Church
PWC Images-4.png
Mary Kilian
Account Executive & Agent for Kirby Employee Benefits
Ryan Brown.jpeg
Ryan Brown
Branch Manager & Divisional VP at Cross Country Mortgage
Ryan Hanks.jpeg
Ryan Hanks
Founder & CEO of Madison Capital Group
Steven Snowden
Investment Advisor Representative at Wall Private Wealth

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